From Bernadette Roberts

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest in my books and taking the time to visit this site. Please understand that apart from meeting people at the annual retreat I offer, I do not see people individually, talk on the phone, or carry on correspondences. I am not a spiritual director, counselor or teacher—have never had any talent or interest in this area. Apart from this, however, my busy family life would make it impossible to accommodate all the good people who would like to visit, talk or correspond. I recommend, however, that you find some group or persons with whom you can share your contemplative journey. For this, you might inquire at some monastery, retreat center or church. With this note comes a prayer God will send you whatever help, grace or insight you might need at this time.

Thank you again. God Bless!

(Those who are looking for spiritual direction are welcome to contact Brother Bede Healey at the Camaldolese Hermitage, Highway 1, Big Sur, California. A monk for 30 years and a Ph.D. in Analytical Psychology, he welcomes all who are seeking a deeper life with God.)

LATEST BOOK - The Real Christ

Bernadette has requested that no one order the book until they have read the "WARNING" below.

Those who believe the man Jesus who walked this earth 2000 years ago was God, should read no further. Since I hold no human being is God, those who disagree will only find this book upsetting and disagreeable.  This writing is not for those convinced they have the last word on Christ, but those searching for the real Christ. While I believe all Christians have the right Faith, I do not think all Christians have the right beliefs, right understanding or right view of Christ. Given all the Jesus-talk these days, Christianity comes across as a personality cult, the worship of a human being, which has nothing to do with Christ, it even turns people away.  The reason for this writing is my perception that the real Christ has been all but lost to Christianity.

Of first importance is to define the major terms used in this book, namely “Logos”, “Christ”, and “Jesus”.  Those who think these terms are interchangeable, synonymous, or refer to the same Reality, will never understand a thing in this book.  Indiscriminate use of these terms has already thrown people off the track, thus it is of the utmost importance to define these terms from the outset.  Those who disagree with these definitions will only become addled or irate and should read no further.

Because God is not a being, but Infinite Existence, we must be careful not to anthropomorphize God’s Triune essence or Trinity as three beings or three entities – three gods, in other words.  Also, because God transcends all gender, we have to be careful not to get caught up in the metaphors used for the Trinity as “Father and Son”.  Since God is neither mother, father, son or daughter, these metaphors must not be taken literally or understood as God ad intra (God-in-Itself).  To avoid this pitfall, this book refers to God’s Triune essence as “Transcendent-Logos-Spirit”.

The Incarnation was the Logos creating Its own human nature, creating man’s one common human nature eternally one with Itself, and this oneness of God’s divine nature and man’s human nature we know and call “Christ”. The term, word, or title “Christ” is not the name of any human being, but refers solely to God’s eternal oneness with Man.  The Incarnation was not God uniting Itself to any particular human being or person.  Christ is not the oneness of two persons, two individuals or two beings, nor is Christ a divine being or a human being, rather, Christ is the eternal oneness of two natures, divine and human.  Thus the Incarnation was the revelation of Man (Universal Man) and God’s Plan for all mankind, and this Truth, this revelation, is everything we know and call “Christ”.

The purpose of the Incarnation was not to reveal the man Jesus – give us another god for the pantheon – but to reveal Man, God’s eternal plan for his eternal oneness with God.  Prior to the Incarnation, Christ did not exist, nor did the man Jesus exist, only the divine Logos, God, eternally existed.  Thus neither as a human being or a human person was the man Jesus, divine, or even Christ.  It is solely the oneness of the divine Logos with Its own human nature that is Christ, and it is this mystery of God’s indivisible oneness with the essence of mankind we call the “Real Christ”.

Since there is only one common human nature – not many, different kinds, or particular human natures, one can count heads, but not human natures.  As the “instrument” of revealing Christ, the singular man born into this world was given the common Jewish name “Jesus”.  It was not this individual person or particular man, however, that was Christ, rather, Christ is solely God’s own human nature and not the human nature of any particular human being or person.  So where the term “Christ” is a reference to the indivisible oneness of two natures, the name “Jesus” is solely a reference to a particular human being or person.

This book permits no anthropomorphic view of God, the Trinity, or Christ.  Reference to the man Jesus is always to a particular human being and never to God.  “Jesus” is the particular man of the Gospels, the historical person no longer with us.  With his resurrection and ascension his human nature was totally changed, transfigured and glorified, thus he is no longer the historical figure of the past, but remains the example (or icon) of everyman’s journey and eternal oneness with God.  We must never, then, mix our terms – the Logos is solely God, Jesus is solely a distinct human person, and Christ – the eternal oneness of God and man.

Those who disagree with these definitions should read no further, it would only confuse and upset them.  Also, it would be useless to argue any of this since I’ve done my homework, am aware of all opposing views, and regard them as misconceived or wrong.  Given the same Christian background and history as those who object, I already know where they are coming from, it is they, however, who do not know where I am coming from, and therein lies the difference.


The Real Christ is a 400 page spiral bound manuscript. Cost for the book is $45 in the U.S. and (due to high shipping costs) $70 for orders outside of the U.S, except for Canada and Mexico, which is $65. Anyone in the U.S. can request quicker shipping by adding $10 to the cost of the book. Those in Hawaii may especially wish to pay for quicker shipping as media mail can take 2-3 months to reach the islands.

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